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PFAssistive Framework 3.8.0 Crack For Mac

PFAssistive Framework 3.8.0 For Mac Crack Download

PFAssistive Framework 3 Mac Crack is a highly regarded UI Browser application that supports and enhances Apple’s Accessibility API. The application categorized as a Others application that the current version is, and can be installed and operated in ,people usually can install it via dragging its package to the Applications folder. PFAssistive Framework 3.8.0 Keygen for Mac OS X free download from given link.

PFAssistive Framework 3.8.0 Crack For Mac

PFAssistive Framework 3 License Key support and enhance Apple’s Accessibility and Quartz Event Taps APIs, enabling Cocoa developers to use familiar Objective-C and Swift programming techniques to create assistive applications without having to master the technicalities of Apple’s procedural C Accessibility, Core Foundation, and Core Graphics APIs. The framework is written using Objective-C 2.0. It is a Universal Binary supporting 32-bit and 64-bit architectures using reference counted memory management. Free for use with free applications.

PFAssistive Framework 3.8.0 Full Version Features:

The PFAssistive Framework was made in 2003 as the motor driving PFiddlesoft’s exceptionally respected UI Browser application for designers and for clients of Apple’s AppleScript GUI Scripting innovation.

The Accessibility API executes the idea of a UI component, a protest that speaks to a UI component on the screen in any running application, for example, a menu, a window, or a catch, or the application itself.

The PFAssistive Framework actualizes these same ideas in its PFUIElement, PFApplicationUIElement, and PFObserver classes, each of which instantiates and epitomizes a related Accessibility API question and makes its abilities accessible to an assistive application utilizing standard Objective-C or Swift methods and the Cocoa structures.

With the PFAssistive Framework, an assistive application finds UI components, peruses UI component qualities, and controls UI components and, through them, the objective application, all in light of a legitimate concern for supporting assistive applications that empower a client with handicaps to utilize the PC to play out similar undertakings that any client can perform with the graphical UI.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later

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