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Steganos Privacy Suite 20 Full Crack

Steganos Privacy Suite 20 Full Version Crack Download

Steganos Privacy Suite 20 Serial Key is an award-winning security software that helps you for keeping your personal information safe from snoopers. Steganos Safe stores confidential files in a secure password-protected vault. The usage of this amazing application is very easy and simple.

Steganos Privacy Suite 20 Crack is a powerful security suite comprising a top-notch password manager and encrypted file safe. Steganos Safe stores secret files in a secure password-protected vault. It’s able to encrypt data on your hard drive, USB keys, even cloud files (Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are supported). If that’s too obvious, you can hide a Safe inside a multimedia file so that no-one even knows it’s there. Privacy Suite includes a password manager where you can save your logins, bank account details, credit card information, even “Private Favourites”, URLs you’d like to keep handy, but not make entirely public. Overall, the Steganos Privacy Suite can be useful for the users who want to remove traceable items and to store files or passwords in a secure location.

Steganos Privacy Suite 20 Full Version Features:

  • Protect your passwords and private data
  • Create uncrackable folders
  • Place your encrypted data in the cloud
  • Strong encryption
  • Protect the content of your Dropbox
  • Find your specific password
  • Generate passwords
  • Secure access from everywhere
  • E-mail encryption
  • Shredder
  • Private favorites

How to Activate?

  1. Download and install software.
  2. Use one of the Serial Keys provided below.
  3. Done!

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